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Course étiquette

At Kilton Forest Golf Course, we strive to provide each and every one of our esteemed guests with a pleasant golfing experience. To ensure that everyone is able to enjoy themselves in an atmosphere of courtesy, please adhere to these etiquette guidelines!

Course Etiquette :

  1. Avoid slow play
  2. Replace all divots
  3. Repair pitch marks on the green
  4. Give priority to working green staff
  5. Level out the sand before leaving bunkers
  6. Ensure that each player has a set of clubs
  7. Ensure no more than 4 people per tee-time
  8. Please respect golf buggies when hired and drive carefully at all times

Local Rules:

  1. Out of Bounds
    Beyond all boundary hedges or fences.
    The fence on the 13th Hole. Beyond the conifers at the rear of the 18th green. Beyond the white posts on the 1st & 18th Hole.
  2. Water hazards the pond on the 12th hole and ditch crossing the 14th hole fairway are water hazards. The pond to the right of the 14th fairway is to be treated as a lateral water hazard.
  3. Stones
    Stones in bunkers may be removed without penalty.
  4. Ground Under Repair
    On a putting green other than the one in play.
    Tractor paths and flower beds near the 1st tee and 18th green.
    Young trees under 1 club length in height interfere with a stroke or stance. The ball must be lifted and dropped within 1 club length of the nearest point of relief. Not nearer the hole without penalty. Areas marked as G.U.R.